The Proem Promise & Our Commitment to You

When you take the plunge, and choose to allow Proem to represent you we know that you’ve invested your trust and faith into us. In a world where career choices and job changes can be exciting yet scary, we want you to feel confident that you have the right team that has your back. Our pledge to you is outlined by our 7 pillar Proem Promise.

  • We’re selfless – At Proem, we will always be attentive to your needs and we aim to illustrate our commitment to you by our conduct, conversion and end result. We will never ever “sell” you a job you truly don’t like
  • We’re ethical – At Proem, we pride ourselves on being socially responsible. We will act and conduct ourselves with a sense of duty, integrity and obligation to ensure we are accountable to our stakeholders.
  • We’re respectful – At Proem, we never sell people on a job or candidates, we treat our clients and candidates with respect to ensure that each and every interaction was conducted in a professional and pleasant manner.
  • We’re Versatile: At Proem, we are flexible and resourceful, we are able to capable of being discreet and confidential so you can make the right move when you’re ready.
  • Innovative – We aim to use the right combo of tech, AI, social media and human screening and incorporate that into our recruitment process. We find new ways to continuously improve the job search experience, we aim to constantly adapt to the ever-changing demands of today’s economy.
  • We’ll Communicate – At Proem we keep you in the loop about what’s currently happening with certain roles, and where you stand. We aim to respond to all your questions or concerns in a timely concise, professional manner.
  • We Encourage – We want you to feel confident about your skills and where your heading, even if we don’t have the right role for you we want you to feel like dealing with us left a positive and lasting impact. We want to support you and your goals and try to get you where you want to be so you can excel in every area you desire.

At the end of the day, there’s more to life than just work and your career, whatever you choose to do, we just hope you’ll be happy. Let us guide you to your next destination, let us work with you.


At Proem we respect your time and treat you professionally

We know you’re more than just a resume and at Proem we take the time to understand your career goals, skills, and interests.

We offer flexible screening times so you don’t have to worry about taking time off of work to pursue another opportunity.

When we present a position, we’ll tell you more about the company what they’re really looking for, and what your real chances are. We’re honest and won’t waste your time and we’ll make sure you’ll be prepared for your interview with our client.

Past Professionals, here’s what they said:
Rohit Sharma

“It’s mind boggling that other recruiters would dare to even contact you at work when you’re passively job hunting, it’s like they want you to get fired. Proem’s flexible screening methods, made it easier to do my pre-screening at my convenience.”

Ian Flores

“At Proem, the team I dealt with was very direct and upfront about what their clients were looking for even after I was placed there were no surprises, taking the sales pressure out of the transaction made my move a lot easier, they honest with me and didn’t try to BS me into taking a bad role”

Cassandra Cheng

“I was recently let go from a previous job and was dealing with confidence issues when it came to finding a new role. Proem’s team was able to navigate me through that hurdle and help me regain my confidence, I was a lot happier and felt more optimistic about my future than I did in a very long time.”

Danielle Jankovic

“So nice to finally deal with a team that actually cares about what I want, its frustrating to deal with a recruiter that doesn’t have anything you’re looking for available but then tries to upsell you on something else. Proem understood what I truly wanted and respected that. I felt heard.”

Get the Change You Desire